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McIntyre Ranch offers several wool fiber arts workshops. Students learn how to process wool fiber, including, shearing, skirting and grading a fleece, fiber preparation, fiber carding, picking, drop spindling, felting, natural hand dyeing, spinning, weaving, needle felting, and wet felting.

Schedule TBD
Location: McIntyre Ranch, located at the very end of St. John�s Mine Road
For more information contact the McIntyre Ranch by texting (707) 246-0406.

  Shearing Fredrick

Shearing Fredrick

Shearing Fredrick

Fredrick's fleece

Taking a break after shearing Fredrick

Bowies turn to be sheared

Bowie in position for shearing

Bowies hoofs being cleaned

Bowie being sheared

Bowie being sheared

Bowie's fleece

Bowie's new hair cut


Preparing the fleece

Dyed fiber

Yarn Machine

Bag of Fleece

Spinning fiber

Balls of Yarn

Loom and Rug

Small loom

Woven Blanket